Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't give up on me...

I know, you are all shocked. I finally updated my blog. I tried to update a month ago and after an hour, I hit something and it deleted the entire post. I was very upset! So these pictures are from the Summer up until now. I am not going to write a lot you can tell what we have been up to by the pictures. They go backwards. I just wanted to get a post done. Sorry! There are a lot of pictures. I hope everyone is doing great. We have finally got into a routine since school has started. Hayden and Ava both started kindergarten. They go in the afternoon and are in different classes (by my choice). Hayden does go all day. He is in the resource room in the morning. Ok, I will stop writing and you can check out the pictures!

We went to Tanner's Apple orchard this past Sunday

Hayden loves playing on the school bus

Ava and cousin Gia on the barrell ride

Waiting in line for the barrell ride

He also loves the fire truck

Still at Tanner's


At the pumpkin festival parade

This was their favorite ride...the Tornado

I still can't believe I let them ride this by themselves. They weren't even strapped in. I didn't realize this until after the ride started. I had a mini panic attack.

They love the slide

They rode this once. Not as exciting as the other rides

They love the roller coaster

This is Hayden's favorite ride

They still wanted to ride the train

Our trip to Apple Blossom farm

They loved feeding the goats

We took a hayrack ride through the pumpkin patch

Yes, that is my mom going down the slide. It was pretty funny!

Hayden's hilight was the ride on the monster truck

This is a view of our finished house. You can go to my previous post for the before shots. We are so happy it is done and we love the outcome!!!

In the back we have a new patio and Brian put in the retaining walls.

First day of kindergarten

First day of kindergarten

Weekend trip to St. Louis to see Mary Poppins

I bought my mom tickets for her 60th birthday

This was Ava's first musical. She really did like it!

Shopping in St. Louis

Ava's meatball was as big as her head!

We took a quick trip to Gurnee, IL. to stay at Key Lime Cove. We did it last summer and the kids had a blast so we went again

They both ended up going down the waterslides by themselves.

Hayden had fun getting people wet and spraying them

They had fun eating ice cream while in their pajamas

We ate at the Rainforest cafe

At Key lime cove

Getting ready to have some fun!

In our hotel room

We got a special invitation from the Children's hospital to go see the air show practice run.
We got to meet all the pilots. That was really cool!